Here are some commonly asked questions

Wen Mint?

The first phase of fundraising was successfully concluded on July 25th, 2022. Stay tuned for the next phase of fundraising "New beginnings Drop"

Where Mint?

When we say true Degens, we mean it. The next drops will take place on our website like the seed round. Stay tuned Degens!.

Bots Wen?

The Degen Sweepers community has been built organically and we have gone to great lengths to ensure bots can fuck right off. If you see us grow to 100k strong, you can know that it's real, not bought, or botted. Ever.

Utility Wen?

Some utility will be available on day of mint. Some of this shit is BIG and will take a bit of time to develop. But you can bet your ass we all win. Holders win AND Solana wins. Except for bots, they don’t win, fuck them.