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For Degens

Things NFT degenerates want to know

What are we doing?

We are building a movement around the Urkann brand, no bullshit, all fun. Fine art by a great artist, simple yet degen AF utilities, staking and non-staking rewards for our holders.

Community-first, brand-based

This is a community-first, brand-based project highlighting the degen life on Solana. If you shitpost on Twitter, ape mints, and sweep from paperhands, then you are a Degen Sweeper. This brand will give us all an opportunity to show the world just how much fun it is to be a Degen!

Uplift, give back

Our goal is to uplift the entire Solana NFT ecosystem while giving back and providing as much tangible value as possible for our holders in ways that go beyond just flipping.


We don't believe that NFT projects need to be just a brand or just a utility project, and we're going to change the thought process around this. Urkanning utility? YES! Tangible irl utility for this bear market and beyond? YES! Staking rewards? Absofuckinglutely! Access to the Legend himself? You bet Anon!

WTF another “brand” NFT?

The best brands in the world are the ones that add the most value to their communities and earn their trust, whether that be with products, clothing, content, or a service. Luckily for our holders, we are going to be doing it through all of those things.