Degen Sweepers Introduction

Buckle up to Degen City 🚀

Degen Sweepers is currently a collection of 1,968 unique, handmade NFTs with the sickest art in the Solana space.

Who are we?

We are the Degens of Solana. We are led by the Legend himself, Urkann! The stories of Urkann have echoed the halls of Crypto Twitter. His infamous floor-sweeping has been turned into a verb, and has forever changed the term from sweeping, to “Urkanning.”
The Urkann Army is growing rapidly, the House of Degens is filling up, and we are here to uplift all of Solana.
Our art is from one of the most Degen 1/1 artists in the world, Resist.

New Beginnings Drop Info

  • Supply: TBA
  • Mint Date: TBA
  • Mint Price: TBA
  • Staking Website: Coming Soon.
So we got your interest and you want to learn more, here's a list of our official links:
Twitter 👾 Discord 🌐 Website 🪄 Magic Eden 🌊 OpenSea 🌆 Degen City