Learn more about $Degen and Sweepers staking.


So, you've got yourself your awesome Sweeper(s). Now it's time for staking and riding the rocket to Degen City. Allow us to walk you through the basics of our staking and staking mechanics briefly so you have an idea about $Degen and our staking mechanism.
Disclaimer $Degen is not a currency issued by any central bank nor does it have a monetary value.

$Degen Supply

Prior to the launch of our marketplace, which is mentioned on our roadmap. X% of the $Degen will be rewarded to our seed investors based on the reward mechanism. The overall reward pool will be [2,100,000] $Degen.

$Degen Emission

On a daily basis, you will earn $Degen at a rate of [5/day per staked NFT] at the start. However, this is not a fixed rate and it will be increasing linearly at a rate of [+1 $Degen/month]. The below graph will also help with the understanding of this model better.
Using the graph above, we can speculate an approximate of 150 days or 5 months of yielding. So, by using the model above you can estimate an emission of 9 $Degen/day during the 5th month of staking, per NFT.
If you unstake your NFT at any given time then stake it again, your rewards will be reset and start again from 5/day per staked NFT as mentioned above.

When can we start staking our Sweepers?

Staking is live on our website! Head over to this link to stake your NFTs and start earning $Degen.

Snapshot Bonus

Bonus Type 1
If you are a part of the 2 snapshots, your reward balance will start at [300] $Degen.
Bonus Type 2 If you are a part of the 1 snapshot, your reward balance will start [150] $Degen.
Note To be eligible for either type of bonus, your NFTs must be in your wallet and delisted at the time of the snapshot.
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